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How To Choose The Right Recruitment Partner For Your Life Science Search

December 19, 2016

by admin


In such a specialist field as life sciences, an expert recruiter provides a crucial service that cannot sufficiently be matched by online job boards or even skilled internal recruitment teams. Using their vast network of contacts and industry-wide market intelligence, life science recruiters act not only as a recruiter to supply candidates, but as a partner to help build the workforce to take your company into the future. This strategic service is particularly valuable in life sciences, where a recruiter is necessary to fill specialist gaps in the growing skills shortage.

However, this powerful advantage only occurs if you choose the right recruitment partner for your life sciences search, so we’ve put together a list of essential requirements that you should refer to when enlisting a recruitment service.



1. The right recruitment partner must specialise in life sciences.

Some life science companies take the risk of engaging a generalist top-level recruiter, but this strategy rarely delivers the maximum number of skilled candidates. Additionally, a generalist recruiter is extremely unlikely to have the same depth of knowledge about the key players, pay scales, and hiring trends of the industry- and even if you do secure a fantastic specialist within a generalist company, they cannot rely on their colleagues for support. With a specialist life science recruiter, you can be safe in the knowledge that the entire company lives and breathes life sciences, thereby giving you access to hundreds of years of combined experience in the field.


2. They must enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry.

The top candidates naturally gravitate towards the recruitment companies whose name carries weight in the industry, as they understand that the premier companies will use this recruitment service to fill their vacancies. High quality passive candidates are also more likely to accept overtures from these respected recruiters, meaning that the top-level scientist you wish to secure for a research project may well consider your offer when they’re approached by a top-level recruiter—even though they weren’t actively looking for a new opportunity.



3. The right recruitment company must have longevity.

The right recruitment partner will have enjoyed a long history of success in the life science industry, building up a vast network of contacts and relationships with key industry players. A recruiter with decades of experience behind them will understand the rapidly changing nature of the life sciences industry, and know the trends and forecasts that affect recruitment needs and future workforce planning.


4. They must know everyone who matters, (and who might matter in future)

The best recruitment partners have a web of contacts that reach far and wide- and this element cannot be matched by internal recruiters who don’t have access to major players in other companies. A top recruiter will have reached out, established, and nurtured relationships with VIPs over time, while also talent mapping and creating bonds with rising talent who will shape the industry’s future.


5. They must practice what they preach.

It’s common for recruiters to boast of their specialist skills and their incredible abilities to attract and influence candidates for top-level vacancies when they’re pitching for your business. There’s one simple way to tell if that’s the truth: Ask for examples of recent work in your area of interest and probe in detail to get reassurance that the consultant understands the role, knows the market and key sources of talent as well as any technical subject matter.



Don’t be afraid to ask for references from recently completed assignments!  Remember, you are entrusting your recruitment to a 3rd party and they will be your advocate in the market. If you are unsure about their capability or knowledge don’t be afraid to move on and find a recruitment partner that can.

With more than forty years’ experience in the field, Talentmark is the global leader in life science recruitment. Our vast network of contacts and personal relationships with major players perfectly positions us to source, vet, and influence the top-quality life science candidates you need.

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