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Revalidation – What it Means for UK Pharma

February 18, 2013

by William Neilson


Revalidation for Medical Practitioners in the UK is now in full swing. It is a mechanism for UK doctors to have their skills approved as up-to-date and therefore that they remain fit to practice medicine and treat patients. Aimed at protecting patients and improving patient care and safety, under Revalidation, every licensed doctor will be revalidated every five years from information drawn from the doctor’s annual appraisals of their work and activities.

Electronic record keeping systems should help but there will still be extensive additional paperwork and much bureaucracy. Many question the real value of the current revalidation process in its capacity to benefit patients.

It’s taken over a decade to put the revalidation system in place and the diversity of Medical Practitioner professional activities has certainly added to the complexity. One size does not fit all. There are bound to be many teething problems but all concerned now seem to understand the difficult times ahead. It will be particularly difficult for ‘freelance’ Interim Manager, Pharmaceutical Physicians, many of whom may indeed forgo their Licence to Practice because Revalidation for them will be too convoluted, irrelevant to their work and expensive to pursue.

Non UK, EU physicians who do not need to revalidate in their own countries may be in for a windfall of consulting and interim management work. Large and small biopharma companies in the UK may accept that Registration without Licence to Practice is all that is required for their Interims, or they may not.

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